Saturday, 19 September 2015


love from bert

Have you looked in that corner?

I can’t even get there; we have to move this wardrobe.

We have to EMPTY the wardrobe.

And take those things off the top.

And un-wedge those things underneath.

They were my granddad’s tools.

Your grandma’s first dad?

Died when he was 32, he had pneumonia.

How do you know that?

Here’s his death certificate.

How can we carry all this stuff?

We could put it into that blue bag. 

There’s something written on it. 


What is it?

My dad’s kit bag when he was in the RAF, it’s got his name on it.

War time?

Yep, 1939 – he would have been 22. They sent him to America for training.

There’s an old envelope here, postmarked California.

Dear mum and dad and sis……

(to be continued)

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