Monday, 28 September 2015

London's Burning.

fetch 'em
Talk to her.

I HAVE. I read a list of bank names.

What did she say?

“I want the troughs”.

The troughs?

Those things by the window - with the dead plants in.

There’s nowhere to put them in her room.

I know! There’s no room for anything; but we have to put something in there.

They won’t even fit in your sister’s car.

I know.

She’s not a confident parker of her car is she?

I know, and it must be the smallest car outside of Dinky.

Talking of games, have you found any?

I had to crawl under the sideboard.



You played that with your aunt once I think, a long time ago.

I did.

What did you discover?

That she had none.

That could explain this.

How come?

‘Cos she told you that her step-dad did it for her.

(to be continued)

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