Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Desk - A Horror story in a lot of parts (8)

the harbinger

......Here’s the August programme for the cinema, it SHOULD be on the notice board.

Anything you want to see?

The Spanish and Russian films look interesting.

Put it on the noticeboard then.

No, I’ll put it in the kitchen with July’s.

........This looks official… it’s about a speeding fine!

Not me!

It’s got your name on it.

I wasn’t driving.

The date looks like you should have done something.

I did! I told them it wasn’t me.

It says that they have rejected that claim because you didn’t give them the number of the driving licence of the person who was.

I know! Isn’t it pathetic? I gave them her name, they must have a data base.

So are you going to pay it?

I can’t, it wasn’t me, it’s probably against the law. 

So you’d better tell them again.

I have, I sent them a photo.

That’ll sort it.

Ah look, here it is  - a photo on the driving licence!

She looks cute. 

She is. 

Ask her to marry you.

I did. 

What happened?

She broke the speed limit in my car.

Ask her for a divorce?

It’s been granted for less....


London Joe said...

I am guessing that this is a true story

popps said...

I cleared my desk!!

ps the WHOLE blog is 'true'