Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Desk - A Horror story in 11 parts.(5)

no one is going to listen


(part three)
(part four)

Ok, so we’ve at least located part of the desk, the top must be under this CD.

No, there’s a guide to the summer festival of music in Toulouse.

Anything you wanna see/hear?


What about this – the Treasure Hunt, same city?

It sounds interesting.

How does it work?

You have to get a ‘kit’ for 5 euro and it takes about 3 hours and it’s around the city.

Ok, keep that – stick it on the notice board.

We’re going to have to clear up the notice board next.

Now THIS should DEFINITELY go on the notice board!

Gary’s business card? Why?

Why not?

There’s no room?

Up there on the edge, next to the old Juggler tobacco tin with the 50 pence piece explaining the football offside rule inside.

You’ve got one of them???!!!

I’ve got two!

I searched everywhere, even asked my friends.

I went on e-buy.

Don’t you mean e-bay?

Same difference.

I thought you had been banned.

Slowed down, it’s not entirely the same thing.

I thought there was a Larry Adler harmonica 45 up there on that corner.

There WAS, the cat knocked it down.

The new cat?

The new kid on the block. (Editorial NoteT).


Mary said...

Well, well, well ...

Imagine my amazement when a Dalek showed up in my mailbox -- from France! Only days after you said that you had posted the BIG [though it is SMALL but perfectly formed with tiny wheels and one moving part] QOTY Prize to me. Thank you!!!!

Its BIGness lies in the intent -- which is to spread joy and to be highly useful as a keychain. I have to admit that it arrived so quickly that I looked over my shoulder to see whether the sender [or designated envoy] had flown over with it. Though, after 7 months, it is conceivable one could have arrived by Viking ship and then walked from Halifax.

Wish I knew how to upload a photo of it but will send separately.


PS - These prizes are honestly so good that I encourage BnB's readers to enter the 2015 contest if one is offered.

popps said...

Time Travel!

London Joe said...

how to win a dalek... I once met a woman called Dilek. She couldn't climb stairs either

New cat, is that?

popps said...

THAT IS a new cat - might not get to stay though if he doesn't buck down.