Saturday 1 August 2015

The Annoying Butterfly.

a day late

Did you know that the ancient Greek word for butterfly was the same as the word for the soul?

Well, I heard that on the radio this morning just as you clearly did.


Where were you by the way? I was in the bath.


I hope you weren’t intruding.

What do you mean?

It’s already bad enough having you privy to my every thought; I don’t want to share bathroom space with you too.

What’s happened to your inner environmental warrior? Save water, share a bath with a friend.

I don’t see you that way.

How DO you see me?

A bit like an annoying mosquito.

That’s nice!

I’m kidding.  I see you like a ….



Ah, sweet.

An annoying one.


London Joe said...

You're a larva a minute, you are

popps said...

Hi Hi Hi Hi

London Joe said...

Hi, Topper!

popps said...

Hello sir!