Monday, 24 August 2015

Herd it before?

by hook or by crook

That was brilliant wasn’t it!?


We should have taken a camera.

No one will believe us.

Who were all those people?

Alisa! She had the wrong clothes on for sure.

Us too.

Well, the sandals were an error.

Who was the guy with the moustache?

Nicolas, he had something to do with Alisa and probably her outfit.

Beau Peep looked cool.

She always does.

Efficient as well – I liked the thing she taught us with clapping the hands; it worked a treat.

Did you here her when she went ‘Hop, Hop, Hop!’

Did i?! You wouldn’t think that a voice that big could come out of one so small.

Antoine the shepherd was with us.


And his dog.

What was the dog’s name?


It was black.

I know, confusing huh? Dam clever though.

Understood left and right.

More than me!

Pierrot was there.

He just appeared, out of the trees, it felt like the secret service had stepped in.

His son was there too.

I didn’t recognise him, boy has he grown.

He’s taller than Pierrot.

That’s not difficult.

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