Friday 21 August 2015

Archival Confidence.

a confident archive

Er… before we go ahead, there’s…

I’m not sure we are actually going anywhere….but…..yes?

Well, er, before we continue whatever it is we’ve started  - could you just explain to me again the ‘Editorial Note F’. There was another one yesterday, I clicked on it and I ended up on a blank page.

The future is a blank canvas!!!

Maybe, maybe, but what EXACTLY are these ENF’s that we are serving up? I know you told me once, but I’ve forgotten.

I could slip in an - ‘editorial note t’ - so that you could catch up. (editorial note t)

You could, but you could just as easily tell me.

They are a link to a future blog post that hasn’t been posted yet.

Ah yes, that’s it, I remember now because I took you to task pointing out that if it hasn’t been posted yet then it can’t really be called a post, future or otherwise.

But it exists already.


In the archives.

Are you sure? We aren’t even sure where our archivist is. (editorial note t).

I have archival confidence. Though I still think we should go and look for him.

I thought you were; I thought you were meant to be in Scotland looking.

It was an expressed desire. I’m waiting for certain unlikely forces to cosmically align.

Ah, so you’re not going.

Not today.



So in fact, an ‘editorial note f’ is a link that might, one day, link to a post that might appear on the blog because it might be in the archives already and we might, hopefully, find the archivist who has gone missing and he might send it to us.

It’s a mighty fine thing. (editorial note F). All blogs should have one.

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