Sunday 2 August 2015

A Questioning Moon.

black is black....

The night was troubling.

Not the night.

Then the moon?

No; not the moon but the dreams that it brought forth.

It was strong.

Insistent. Difficult to lie still in her glare.




London Joe said...

Blue moon. Certainly a questionable blue.

I was sitting in my friend, Deb's, front room in Rhos-on_sea, North Wales.
Lovely moon kept peeking out from the clouds.
Found out a day later how special it was.

Last night, saturday, it still looked lovely, as I drove from West London to the SE.

Hue moon

popps said...

Hue Moon, lieutenant to Ho Chi Min?
Or lover?

London Joe said...

Hue decide

popps said...

So huemerous hueman beings can be.