Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Whispers from Wisconsin

not a vest (v), nor me and certainly not Wisconsin.

I bet Wisconsin doesn’t figure ANYWHERE in this blog.

Are you sure, do you want to put money where your mouth is?

What, with you introducing ‘shadow publishing’? (Editorial note t) You must be kidding!

You don’t want to forget about the Imminent Archives either.

What are they when they’re at home?

Well, that’s it precisely; they AREN’T at home, they are archives that ‘will be one day’.

How can an ‘archive’ be something that doesn’t exist already? Surely that’s what an archive is, by definition.

Maybe, but there are archives that have been lost and archives that have yet to be discovered and the flotsam and jetsam is still turning them up. (Editorial note t). 

Then I’m only betting on something that I can see.

Ok. So - windows or windscreen wipers? Which takes your fancy?

Windscreen wipers, does the blog – excluding shadow publishing, future and past archives (lost, forgotten, one-day-to-be, stored somewhere-only-inside-your-head, inexplicable and non-existent) – have anything to say about windscreen wipers?

Not Wisconsin then?


Funny you should ask, because yes, twice in fact. Once here (Editorial note t)  in a tale of mystery and puddles and once again here (Editorial note t)  in a tale that mixes death, taxi drivers and a volcano.

Ok, I’ll get you tomorrow.

You could have got me with Wisconsin, not a wisp of Wisconsin anywhere, not even a whisper.


By the way, what exactly are ‘non-existent’ archives?

Something that we should clearly look into.

And patent!

Non-existent Archives©.

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