Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A lady.

three times

I like what you’ve been doing.

Thank you sir.

I mean, it’s a bit subtle and I’m not sure many people will have noticed but I have.

We had better point it out then.

Why? I thought that was half the fun- this blog is full of subtle going-ons that I would assume, wash over the heads of most people dipping in. I thought you enjoyed the subtlety, pointing it out makes it obvious.

Depends how you point it out, no?

Go on then.

I was hoping you would. Maybe I don’t even know what you are talking about.


I’ve been there, but we’ve done G already. By the way, have you seen the Moon, it’s full.

It’s beautiful.

Worth sharing.

Like Lionel Ritchie?

He was good, stole the show – my sister was there and she agreed.

Then the three muses, today’s included.

Subtle though, eh? She IS female.

Always has been.

Subtle enough?


Ok, what you got for me?

Ice Cream.

Ice cream!? You have to be kidding, it’s all over the blog, here’s something from 2009. (Editorial note T)

It just came to mind, unfortunately not to tongue.

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