Sunday, 12 July 2015

Shell we?


I’d like T to be Tortoise.

I’d love a tortoise! Do you know that they have a favourite colour?

I didn’t know that. Is it the same for every Tortoise?

I think it is, I read about it about thirty years ago when I was a juggler.

In another lifetime?

Full of toil and blood.

When darkness was a virtue?

It still is isn’t it, look at the night sky.

It’s beautiful.

So are Tortoises.

What was it with this tortoise then?

I figured that if I had a pair of shoes painted its favourite colour I could train it to follow me around the stage like I was being chased.

By a tortoise?


They aren’t famous for being fast, I don’t think it would ever catch you.

That’s where the clowning would come in. It would have been hilarious .

What happened?

It’s really hard to get hold of tortoises.

No it’s not, I just told you – they are really slow.

No, I mean, you can’t buy them – you have to know someone who has them and breeds them.

Do you know anyone like that?

I met someone in Spain once, he builds little villages out of wood for them to live in amongst the pine trees. And I met someone who works at the factory that makes air conditioning  units for aircraft who has a friend who….

Ok, enough! Do Tortoises feature on this blog, other than here in this post and in Herbert the Tortoise who jumps in the pool over there on the left at the bottom, under the "long and (not) winding road" image?

Yes, no, I don’t know.

Look it up!

Ok……. Looked it up! (editorial note t)

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