Monday, 6 July 2015

Melted Fondue.

search the cool shade

How hot is it exactly?

About three thousand degrees Celsius I think.

The tarmac is melting.

The tarmac!! My brain is melting.

Is that new? I thought it always had been fondue.

Oh, ha ha ha.

Will we get a break?

The weatherman just can’t say. But we could do with a break from your sharp wit.

You just slipped in a reference to a lyric of Loudon Wainwright  song didn’t you?

Astute observation.

Ok, here comes an astute ‘it just popped into my head’ for this here challenge thingy we are doing in an update to an old post. (editorial note t).

I’m ready.

Nuclear Physics.

Oh, come on!

Why not?

Why would I have written anything about Nuclear Physics?

Any blogger worth his S.A.L.T would have.

Hi, hi-hi. Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, neat.


Well, not Physics as such… but I’ve got holocaust (editorial note t), accident (editorial note t), and waste (editorial note t).




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