Wednesday, 8 July 2015

An Absence of Magnitude.

left blank 

So, where are we with this ‘let’s take a post’ (editorial note t) and update it by you, or anyone else by that matter, challenging me and the blog with a random word that pops into your, or their head?


No I meant, more philosophically than that.

I don’t think there’s much that’s philosophical about the thing, but we have learnt that marmalade did not feature on the blog.

It would be sticky.


But it does now! Both here on this post and the one when you asked if it did and it didn’t but now also does.

We have found out that there were some serious emissions from the blog.

Serious? You think marmalade is serious?

It can be. But lollipop, that was a really serious absence; an absence of magnitude.

Fixed now though.

Nuclear physics is a grey area.

As was ‘kerchief. So…; what pops into your head today – pop?

No, it already figures here (editorial note t) 

Good memory.

It was me that said it.

But you didn’t have bold type at the time, just the italics.

I’ve grown in statue.

You’re almost indispensable.


You went off for the whole year last year.

You don’t smell so good yourself.



Bass drum, vaudeville, before your time.



It just popped.

Hang on, I think….yes, four times! Once in a title!!! Even THIS year! (editorial note t). 

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