Monday, 27 July 2015

A sticky book-burning.

a fool's fire

Were you cold last night?

To be honest; yes, a little. I was on the verge of drawing a blanket over me but the cat ‘s companionship delayed me.

The fire had fooled us.

‘Twas beautiful.

Were you worried that the forest would aflame?

No, do you think I should have been?

One reads of such things.

My book got burnt, look.

Ooh, how will Jimmy-who-is-also-Bart (editorial note t) react to that? It was he who lent it.

I’m not sure; I’ve never burnt one of his books before.

Are you a known book burner then?

There is some prior history, yes, (editorial note t) but sticky fingers are a more frequent problem.

An album by the Stones I believe.

Recently re-issued.

And Mick's birthday yesterday to boot.

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