Friday 31 July 2015

A Singular Lack of Disbelief

third man or second moon?

Don’t you think it’s weird that only yesterday we spoke about The Quiz of the Year and that today….

…that which I find to be weird is that the person who WON the Quiz of The Year last time out hasn’t breathed a hint of complaint about not having received the GRAND PRIZE, even though Spring is out and July is all but been and done!

It demonstrates a singular lack of disbelief that it will one day turned up as promised.

It demonstrates a certain degree of disinterest.



No, you can’t win the Quiz of The Year here at Bitsnbobs without a certain degree of applied brains. Failing that a big bribe.

You accept bribes?

We accept a lot of things here at Bitsnbobs.

Open armed?

Open hearted. Anyway, weird isn’t it?


That today, one day later, it was finally put into the post box!


Mary said...

Not disinterested in the Big Prize just feeling somewhat unworthy.

Anyway, as you love guessing games, can I predict that the BP is a copy of DT's book -- in a new, unburnt condition?

At the rate of snail mail these days, I expect to receive it just before upcoming QOTY.


popps said...

Wrong about the book, certainly... maybe true about the mail, though personally i am a little more optimistic. As for worthiness... well, you participated, millions didn't.

London Joe said...

Curses, another missed prize.

I do know a previous winner who won a snake pen...

popps said...

No dice Giuseppe, to win the big prize you have to ENTER!