Wednesday 29 July 2015

A quote from a burnt book.

fire light

Let's do a quick one.


What have you got?

I've got a quote.

Ok, what is it?

"Sometimes the wrong place can be a good place and sometimes it's just bad."

Where's it from?

I'm not sure, i jotted it down on a piece of digital paper.

Digital paper, nice.

But it might be from the book i'm reading at the moment.

The one you inadvertently burnt? (Editorial note T).

That would be the one.

Which is?

The Goldfinch by so-and-so Tatt.


That's it.

How far have you got, i've heard it's a big book.

I'll have to stand up and walk to the van to find the answer, and i don't want to because if i do i'll not come back, i'll put my head on the pillow and fall asleep.

OK. Roughly?


Why you asking me?

See if you're happy.

Are you?

Ecstatic -up to page 172, then it got 'not so good', now it's kicking in again.

This 'quick one' is getting long.

I tell you about it later.


Sleep tight.

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