Friday, 10 July 2015

A Fruity Trilogy.

strange fruit

You know, you missed a trick there.

I did?


Where? When?


How?- I meant to say that with the where ‘n when, but you were too quick.


It’s ok, but…… where, when and how?

Like I said – yesterday – with the Q.

How – I feel like I’m repeating myself.


Don’t you start!

With the Q.

How? – there I go again.

You could have had a trilogy.

H o….ah – you did that deliberately !

I did:-)

So, please explain.

Well – O was Oranges; P was Pomegranates… you could have had a trilogy of fruit.

A fruit salad!

But you popped with Quest.

I could have had Quince!

And it was here (editorial note t). 

I could have raspberry right now.

It wouldn’t be a trilogy. And 2011 had a few. (editorial note t)

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