Monday, 29 June 2015

Three times a Godilocks.

So… fingerprints…. Doesn’t feature on the blog.

I know, who would have guessed?

That’s twice I’ve caught you out in this A to Z revamp a post period then. (editorial note t)

I know! The shame, so many holes on the blog.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, I mean it’s not something that happens every day, I hope. Have you ever been fingerprinted?

Is this counting finger-painting? I’ve done a lot of finger-painting.

No, by finger printing I don’t mean finger-painting. Some authority needs to take your hand, roll it on a pad and place it on a record somewhere.

Three times.


Once the U.S.(A) immigration.

Why the (A)?

Because Mexico is/are also a United States.

Are, I think, but then the “a” can’t be right. The second time?

I’m not sure these are in order, but the car-hire company at Gatwick airport – they did once.

Is that legal?

I’m not sure anything about car-hire is legal, especially the prices they charge.

When was the third, or other time?

The Police in Manchester.

You have a record?

I have many records, including The Stones Album with the zip! I still play them on the hi-fi system.

The hi-fi system, I haven’t heard that word for a long time.

I thought you might spring it on me for H.

It’s G today.

Oh yes.

So, I’ll avoid gaol.

It’s best too if you can.

So Goldilocks or Goldfish.

I’d go for Goldilocks.

She can run faster than you sunshine. Goldfish it is!


Goldilocks doesn't feature either though, does it?


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