Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Common Midget.


Ok, where do you want to start today?

Well, I’d LIKE to start with this glass of cold Leffe bear, but I think we should probably mention the midgets.

Don’t you mean midges?

I do, and I said that but Lisa said midgets.

You were talking about Scotland.

We were, or I was – Lisa started it though.


Lisa is from Ireland.


She says that in Ireland they don’t call them midges; they call them midgets.


That’s what I said; then I suggested it was just her - not the whole Irish population. I even suggested that it might have been when she was a wee bairn that she had misheard, much in the same way I used to say I that I didn’t want to be a shoulder when I grew up.

In the army?


I don’t think you can be a wee bairn in Ireland.


You are probably a fair colleen or something.

I’ll ask her tomorrow.

So how did it all finish?

Well, we had to find another Irish person to check.

Did you?


Did they?



Then Lisa found a print out from the internet thingy that said that it was common and inaccurate in Ireland.

What happened then?

I started calling her common.

Was that ok?

She called me a midget.


London Joe said...

Dear T%all Midget,
your photo of the man=made tree... You might know that I have been making Tree sculptures recently in Catford and now Hilly Fields, Brockley SE4
Where did you find the pic?
Chrissie id Facebokk mates with me and can access my Joe Grossi Page and also Trees on the Green where you can see the rampant festooning (i f you hve not seen any of it before)

popps said...

I might well know that you are squire, and i have seen the video!!!

This photos is mine from down the road near here, outside a very funky place that collects, recycles, sells and or transforms - here's a link -

Will take you there when you visit and you can have a word with the branch manager.

London Joe said...

Leaf it out, Topper

historypak said...

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popps said...

hey historypak - your message looks very very much like Splog - something we HATE on this blog , but you did evade the anti robot filter so i am a little impressed.
And it's SO funny that you consider this post to be an update on anything other than Lisa - i decided to leave it here.
Thanks for contributing to the all round absurdity of these pages!