Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ramble, ramble Tittle Tattle.

blair's business

Hey, you know ‘this’ – this thing that we’ve been doing all year….? (editorial note t)

I do indeed.

Is it going anywhere?

God knows.


Heaven knows.


Who knows.

Pete Townsend? (editorial note t)

I doubt it.

Anyway… is it?


Come on! Face up to it…… it’s ramble, ramble, tittle (t)rattle.

What do you want exactly?

Cutting edge insight.

Ha! I can offer you edge, but for cuts and insight you may have to go elsewhere.

We COULD talk about Blair.

Blair? You’re kidding Shirley?

Don’t call me surely! (editorial note t) And no, I’m not kidding, he was in the news twice recently?

He was? What has he done?


I’ve done nothing for a long time but it hasn’t made the papers yet.

He resigned.

I thought he resigned in 2007

He did, but now he’s resigned from the job that he took after he resigned from that one.

He’s a serial resigner.

And useless it seems.


Does that exist?

Not sure, but I like the sound of it… though to be honest there is a big red line under it here in Word. What’s he resigned from?

He was head of a group trying to solve the problems between the Palestinians and the Israelis.(editorial note x) 

I would think he would make them worse. How long had he been doing this job?

8 years.

How come he’s always in England then?

He lives there.

He should have been made to live in a bombed out ruin in Gaza, he might have been more motivated to come up with some ideas.

Do you remember when Mike (editorial note t) wrote and said that after he had finished painting his front door he was going to solve the Israeli/Palestinian issue?

I do – how’s he getting on?

He finished the door.

So what’s Tony’s new job.

Helping to stamp out anti-Semitism. (editorial note x)

Doesn’t that betray a lack of motivation for half of his previous job?

A bit.

A bit! Why did it take him 8 years to resign?

Maybe he was waiting for this new post to become available.

He’ll be a member of the Tory party next.

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