Monday, 22 June 2015


no ants but three frames

Ants? Buffalo, cranberries, Catholics, criticism, crisps. Dandelions. Dragons.

What’s going on?

I’m making a list.

I can see that, why?

Ah, there I was, thinking about this blog and...... it just started.

You were THINKING about this blog?

Yes, I was wondering what people looking at it might be looking for.

Something more edifying than what you’ve come up with so far I think.

You are assuming that people are looking at this blog.

So are you.

You are.


Looking, over my shoulder if I’m blunt. (editorial note t)

It’s a blunt shoulder, how is it by the way – I heard it was suffering from carrying that very big plank of wood a very long way the last time you were at the ocean.

It’s going to be a shelf.

Your shoulder?

No, the plank, I’m going to suspend by a system of ropes that avoids all screws, brackets and effort on my part.

I see, er, is this going to be a long post?

Potentially a whole summer.... ants......?


London Joe said...

An almanac, Jack

popps said...

That's a good word Giuseppe - an Almanac.
Can i use it?