Wednesday 27 May 2015

Link Stuff.

one of these is a link

You know that link we posted yesterday?

We posted several links yesterday.

That editorial note F. (editorial note t)

Ah, the future link.

Yes, well if you click on it, nothing happens.

Of course note, it’s a FUTURE Link.

If nothing happens it’s not really a link is it?

It will be.

Then you should call it a “will-be link”. No, better, “a-will-be-a-link-one-day non-link”.

That’s stupid.

No it isn’t; it’s not a link if it doesn’t link.

But I keep telling you, it will be one day.

You can’t call it a link yet.

You just did.

No I didn’t, I called it a non-link.

That’s still a type of link isn’t it? A non one.

Ok it’s just a word then.

No it isn’t, it’s a different colour than the others for a starter.

A different coloured word is still a word if a non link is still a link.

I was hoping today’s post would be shorter than yesterday’s, but now I’m not sure it will be.

It could be.


I said how?

Oh, clever.

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