Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Painters and Nostrils.

no nose intended

I didn’t know that the ICA is closed on Mondays.

No, nor did i.

That’s a bummer; we were going to see a film.

The girl outside smoking let us in to check if it was on anywhere else.

Not a bummer.

No, really nice I thought.

Was it? On anywhere else i mean.

Yep, where we had just come from but it had already started.


Not to mind, this is a ‘what if ’-trip (editorial note t), so we could go anywhere.

Let's go check out the Nose of Admiralty Arch it's just over the road.

We won't know about it until we've gone past and gone elsewhere.

How about the National Gallery, it’s just round the corner?

Mmmmm, bit classical…

Let’s give it a shot. they have a book shop and we could learn about the nose in there.


Hmm, see anything you like?

Yep; Peder Balke.

That could be where we put a link and have a break.

Nose? Or Balke?


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