Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Jesus meets the Heron.

not a cart

What you got, a picture of a cart I hope?

No, in fact it’s a heron.

Hey, we’ve posted this before!

Not exactly, look. (editorial text t)

It’s the same heron.

Yes but the skies different.

Big deal!

And look up there in the top left corner.

On the first one?


Ah… is the wall bigger? And is that Jesus?

What makes you say either?

I can see more.

How does that link with Jesus?


You’re missing the point; if you look in the top left corner of the first snap you will see that there is no foot, and no foot means no person with a foot.

Who may or may not be Jesus.

Jesus would have had sandals.

Not necessarily – check out this one (editorial text p)

Any-which way, you are still missing the point.

Which is?

That the wall has been added to!

See I told you it was bigger!

Added to in paint I mean.

As well as you standing in a different part of the empty space next to the wall and tilting the camera at a different angle?

Exactly. But it also means that we have added to the blog by doing this cart and horse thingy!

Do you think we have enough here to justify a mini-series?

A mini-series of carts before the horse?

Neigh…. In fact I mean yes …. Neigh just sounded funnier being as we mentioned the word horse.

Let’s look into it.


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