Thursday, 16 April 2015

Conceptual arrangements and text consolidation - a task force.

technical slipper

We’ve got a blue border too.

I beg your pardon.

I said – “we’ve got a blue border too.”

Ok, ok, I heard WHAT you said, I just don’t understand WHY you said it.

We were listing.

We were?

Yes, the day before yesterday – (editorial note t) – and we missed out the blue border.

No we didn’t – I’ve just checked and it’s there.

No, I mean we didn’t list the blue border as one of the things that this blog has.

Ah, yes, that’s true – some may say that it was not significant enough to include in a list that contained conceptual archive waterfalls.

That are, by the way, real waterfalls.

And, real archives.


Really. It’s just that they go together in a conceptual manner.

A conceptual arrangement?


Talking of conceptual arrangements I’ve noticed a little slackness creeping in.

You have?

Yes, the ‘editorial notes’.

An Initiative of The Year, i believe. Is there a problem?

Yes.. a while back you introduced the ‘editorial note x’ as a variant of the ‘editorial note t’.

I did?

Yes, it was here (editorial note t) and it signified a link that was EXternal to the blog as opposed to INternal to the blog as the ‘editorial note Ts’ were/are.

Really?...... Let me check…… Yes, you are right.

Well, recently there have been a lot of Ts that should rightly have been Xs.

We can’t have that.

No we can’t, we have to sort it out. And text-size consolidate too!



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