Thursday, 30 April 2015

A Treasure and a Peek.

the treasure



How was your day?

Found a treasure.


Hang on….. are we still doing carts and horses?  (editorial note t)

Of course.

It doesn’t look like it.

I was trying to ease the structure into the unknown.


So the thing develops, so the blog isn’t stale, so the readers don’t get bored.


There could be.


So, this treasure, where did you find it?

In the shop on the corner, though also on a corner in the shop.

Is this it?

It is!

Looks old.

Older than me!

That’s not possible!



Don’t start it.

You did.



Ah, it’s been  long time since we’ve done that. (editorial note t)

It’s been an age! I like the colour.


My favourite. (editorial note t)

How much did you pay.


Seems fair.

A bargain, for a treasure. And you know what?


As I parked the car and got out I said – we might find a treasure.

You did! I remember.

Here it is.

It’s signed.


I would have liked her.

She was cute – she signed it inside at the front, she filled in the name and address bit on the second page and on the fourth page AND she signed again on the inside of the back page.

She filled in the form asking to swap doubles.

But she never sent it off.

Do you remember the grocers on the green where they had a swap rack for the cards in the tea packets?

I do!

Evelyne would have liked it.

I would have liked her.

She might have liked you.  
a peek

We’ll never know.

You might meet her still.

That would be something!

A treasure.

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