Tuesday 24 March 2015

Tunnels and Dribble

of love?

Why would you choose this place, an old butcher’s shop and south of the river?

South of the river is good; I come from south of the river.

So far south of the river can become nowhere near the river in fact.

South is south. Still, my sister works near here, she’s a vegetarian and it looks like it would be a nice place to lunch.

Was it?

I’d say!

What would you have chosen, if you had etc, etc? (editorial note t)

The mushroom burger.

Mushroom burger?

With cheese, rocket and marmalade.


It’s really difficult to eat and remain sophisticated and not dribbley.

What then?

A stroll through the tunnels to the aforementioned river.

Tide in or out?



Would be nice to go downstream a bit, look at the books the booksellers are costering.


Need a link?


And a break?


London Joe said...

I am told you explored mightily during this recent visit?

(I am not a Robot just asked me to write "pwher",
which sounds like Kenneth Connor in a Carry On movie

popps said...

Hello Giuseppe, welcome and yes many steps were stepped.
I was sorry not to see you.
Next time.