Wednesday 14 January 2015

The Unholy Alliance continues.

winter colour

Feeling better?

It’s under control. (editorial note)

Shall we move on?

We ought too ….. January is gathering steam even as we speak, and although we have done The Old Beginnings (editorial note) and The New Endings (editorial note) we have to catch up on The Quiz of the Year (editorial note), among other things - and you recently stated that you wanted to talk about the editorial notes (editorial note). So…

Well, I really wanted to take a moment to say that I appreciate the innovations.


Yes – I can that you woke up on New Year’s Day and made an effort.

Thank you, just trying to keep the blog fresh.

Not only 'this' (editorial note), a moon, horoscope, tinkling cats crade thingy AND Herbert the Turtle BUT Blue borders too!

Ooh yes, and some tricky coding that I have to learn; at the moment I’m still copying and pasting - but I’m trying to get the brain to accept it. Did you spot the persistent photo captions?

I did, even if they are a bit cryptic.

Cryptic is good.

But it’s those editorial notes that I like best – gone are the linking words of the previous years and here are a whole new clickable/linkable sub – genre of text. I might get a t-shirt printed.

You would be crazy.

Crazy is good.

Bitsnbobs – cryptic and crazy…….after all these years.

That looks like a clue to a musical question in an end of the year quiz!

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