Friday, 30 January 2015

Eating religion.

building blocks of blue

I’m a bit worried.

YOU are a bit worried, what have YOU got to be worried about – you live the life of Riley?

Who’s Riley when he’s at home?

No idea, but he had a life of Riley did Riley, like you.

You don’t know even the half of it sunshine, but look I’m worried about you.


Aye, apart from the last couple of days it’s all this religion; especially at this time of the year.

Religion? What are you talking about?

The other day - the musical interlude (editorial note t) – and then that picture with the animals.

Neat eh?

Well, I applaud the innovation – now we have editorial notes AND musical interludes… but....

AND the moon and a horoscope and a weather forecast – the blog is bursting.

There’s a turtle too.

There’s a turtle! How many blogs can say that eh?

I don’t know, but……. can we drop the religion?

I don't know, i like a bit now and then (editorial note t) - i think it adds depth. Does it bother you?

I thought we were non-secular.

You can eat what you want mate, I don’t mind.

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