Wednesday 31 December 2014

The last day, the last question( thank god) of the year and of the 2014 Quiz of the Year.

the thirtieth christmas tree of the year, last year's.

So there you have it, the year and the Quiz of The Year.

I hope you noticed the way the accompanying photographs neatly segued from tree to inside tree to decorated and illuminated tree to finished tree, just as the year and quiz itself arrived at the finish.

I hope it was a good one, the year that is – I know the Quiz of The Year has left many (and any) of you totally underwhelmed.

And may the one about to unfold, year that is – The Quiz is unlikely to return, ever – bring you much joy and happiness.

I saw catkins in the hedgerow yesterday so that’s a good omen me thinks.

That or climate change has us done for.


1.       A)  – Was there a theme to the blog this year?
         B) - How many people entered the Quiz of The Year last time (2013).
2.     21st January - name the song, name the singer(s). (2 possible answers, bonus point if you get both)
3.     How long did it take to get from Zut! to the Montmatre Steps?
4.     Mary P, Mary P, yeah, yeah but who is Edward B?
5.    What’s the connection between a tin, a seahorse and a green swallow?
6) What comes next in this sequence?
an airplane, a football pitch, 2 people holding hands  .................
7) What comes next in this sequence?
The world is changing ….  I’m not sure I belong here ……. C---------------------
8) Complete the following sentence.
“It’s no use squeezing your buttocks when………”
9) How many angels, how many christmasses?
10) 4 Plus Coffee plus a nightingale equals ……..?
11) Spot the Beatles.
12) Spot the picture that could be a Beatle's song.
13) Spot the deliberate mistake.
14) Who the hell is Bob?
15) What does the map depict?
16) What is biological baggage?
17) Automatic or manual?
18) What's the difference?
19) What is Henry carrying?
20) Who had the goat?
21) Where are the Three Kings?
22) Where is the Angel and where are the six sardines?
23)Where is the lad himself, and is he with his mum?
24) What is the longest month of the year?
25) What's the connection between the 21st BEFORE November, The 22nd AFTER and tomorrow (27th december)?
26)There’s a question about a film and ice-cream – "name it?"   Can you?
27) What was in the unopened box of the year?
28) Yesterday's was sooooooo easy, let's get hard. 
120 what?
29) Where to look for today's and tomorrow's answer?


30) How many different christmas trees. ?

Now, you should know where you are meant to put the answers, if not start at the beginning, and where to find the answers - so how long do you really need to answer this thing, it has been around a whole month already so.......... deadline midnight Jan 1st 2015, then it's done.


Mary said...

Just want to wish all a very happy new year!

And thank you Chris for the gift that is called Bits 'n Bobs/Show & Tell -- for the beautiful assortment of festive trees this month, the Quiz [which I cannot take part in this year due to the move to my new home in a little town that time cannot forget]and all of the joy it brings throughout the year. Thanks for all of it!

2015 ... the year for wishes to come true.

Mary x

popps said...

It's ironic, but in the time it took you Mary to write that lovely comment you could have answered JUST one question in the quiz correctly - for example the one i gave the answer to on the 27th - and you would have scored double points and walked off with the Grand Prize!

Mary said...

OK - I'll play.

There are 30 trees.


popps said...

don't let me force you!

Mary said...

My answser was incorrect. There are many more than 30 -- probably almost twice that many if you try to count all of the extra trees in the photos.

No kidding -- I am not good at quizzes.

Don't think I got any of them right!

I don't play cards either - no bridge, no euchre - pathetic really.


popps said...

incorrect when you say pathetic, correct when you say incorrect, incorrect when you say there were too many extra trees, correct if you look at the details!(captions)

popps said...

and it's not midnight yet, midnight local time