Sunday 7 December 2014

Sixth question in the 2014 Quiz of the Year.

sixth christmas tree, olive

I’ve got this jumper, I wear it when things get cold and I still need to look smart.

It got cold.

It’s a racy number with a stunning and complicated snowflake design on the arms and neck; the rest is black.

So the snowflake design really stands out.

You get the picture.

I got dressed in the dark - other people were sleeping and left the house before the sun had bothered to rise.

I went straight to work.

I have about eight colleagues that I pass in the corridor, wait at the photocopier with, share coffee and chocolates.

I kissed hello to at least one of them.

I did a series of face-to-face classes with about six different people – men, women – all of them intelligent and articulate.

I had lunch with one of them.

I said goodbye to all eight colleagues.

Kissed one of them.

Drove home.

I collapsed on the sofa.

My wife looked at me.

“You know that your jumper is on inside out don’t you?”

Why hadn’t someone said something?

Is this how people see me?

Is this why only one person has answered any of the questions in The Quiz of The Year?

I’ve become invisible.

A bit like the March segment of the Quiz of The Year which is the almost invisible picture question section.

6) What comes next in this sequence?
an airplane, a football pitch, 2 people holding hands  .................


Anonymous said...

Oh don't be lonely...we are struggling for an audience! I love

popps said...

that might not be the correct answer but well worth a bonus point!