Monday 15 December 2014

Fourteenth question of the 2014 Quiz of the Year.

fourteenth christmas tree, one of them.

Some people say – ‘this blog, all it is - is quiz, quiz, quiz’

‘What do you mean?’ I ask.

‘Well, October- trivia question month and now December Quiz of the Year Month – it’s all there is!’

Blimey, you just can’t please some people can you?

I mean – how many Blogs DO a quiz of the year and give a grand prize to boot?

Come to that how many blogs chuck out a post EVERY single day of the year, year in year out WITH original photo content every day and all?

AND a trivia quiz (all made up)!!!!!!

I know, I know. Nobody actually answered any of the trivia questions – except Mary who had a stab at one and promised to come back but never did – but where would we be if this blog only gave the tired, tested and standard?

Where would we be if we only did things people clamoured for?

Not here clearly – ‘cos no matter how blasé everyone is about a quiz of the year, and no matter how little it has been supported in the past nothing is going to stop our relentless rumble to a conclusion somewhere deep inside the Christmas Pud.

Thirteen questions so far and a support act of Christmas trees – week one, trees trying their best, week two, trees inside (which here means behind glass).

So let’s get a bit more Christmassy with the photos and let’s move into June in the quiz.

And maybe it’s time for an easy one, and then a harder one.

Easy one first.

14) Who the hell is Bob?

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