Tuesday 9 December 2014

Eighth question of the 2014 Quiz of the Year.

eighth christmas tree. yes! medicine boxes.

It was the police this time.

They tried to run him down.

It wasn’t deliberate; they just didn’t bother to look as they reversed.

He was looking at the sardine graffiti covering the whole side of a tower block; the silver paint catching the morning sun and seeming to glisten as if freshly landed from a salty sea.

It was Portugal.

Narrow streets curved like snakes down the hillsides, shops spilling their wares around his feet.

A restaurant where people queued and a statue in plastic of a smiling cricketer.

None of it made sense.

Let’s hope the Quiz of the year does!

8) Complete the following sentence.
“It’s no use squeezing your buttocks when………”

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