Wednesday 26 November 2014

Yik Yak of the year.

The editor of this blog – a weirdo at the best of times – has posted elsewhere (here) how much he doesn’t like Facebook and dislikes even more what ever is coming next.

You know where you stand with an Ostrich.

Even if you can’t see where the Ostrich is.

Anyway, the next thing apparently HAS come along and it’s called Yik Yak.

A newspaper frequently referred to by the editor of this blog – an open-minded refusenik at the worst of times – says this of Yik Yak.

“It’s an anonymous messaging app, thought up by US students Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington. You can only communicate with people in your vicinity. »

Ah that’s useful then – it’s sort of talking.

The newspaper goes on…

 « But that isn’t stopping investors pouring hundred of millions of dollars into it. »

Hey –  here's a link, you can read it for yourself.

The editor of this blog – a self-confessed member of the good old days at best – can’t help but think that students should be writing essays or something and getting exercise instead of having brain-farts.

Can’t help thinking – how long did it take to think up the name Yik Yak? – too.

Incidentally, and unrelated, who was it that said that if you are too open minded your brains will fall out?


Mary said...

Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington -- not their real names, I suspect.

No use worrying about refusing to adapt. It doesn't matter. The train has left the station, and we didn't get on board.

That's o.k. - our kids wouldn't have wanted us to in any case. It reminds me of the 60's when we thought that parents who had dropped out, grown their hair long and smoked dope were embarrassing to their teenage children who wanted to act out their own rebellion. Even worse in the 70's, our parents mortified us by wanting to go out to discos, wear polyester suits and do the chicken dance.

Ah yes -- those were the days my friend - we thought they'd never end!

Mary ;-)

popps said...

Time for this Mary?