Thursday 2 October 2014

Triffidia of the year.

Here’s a question – may or may not be trivia.

I’ve got a Perspex tube, closed at the top and bottom, open at the side which I fill with sunflower seeds that I buy in the local supermarket.

The tube is made for that.

I hang it from the plum tree not far from when I sleep.

The birds know it is there.

It must hold AT LEAST a billion sunflower seeds.

But they empty it in a day.

Then they sit in the trees and call me.

Hassle me.

Until I go to the supermarket, buy another sack and fill it up again.

I live near the forest.

Next to the forest there are fields and fields of sunflowers.

There must be billions of billions of billions of sunflowers that grew there.

At the moment they stand in contorted lines like black triffids.

I checked them out.

Each one is host to half a billion seeds.

Not a single bird a pecking.


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