Monday 27 October 2014

Mish mash of the year

If you are reading this blog then I think you know that this month is trivia question month. If you don’t then you shouldclick here.

Trivia questions, whether in a blog post or a pub quiz have apparently become an endangered species – most people can simply turn to google or some smart app and bob’s your answer.

So this month I’ve tried to mix it up a bit, posing a few that require a bit of lateral thinking as well as research and adding in a few that you could probably google, or cheat, but in which you might have more fun trying to answer without either.

Apparently other people – click here – have thought about this and here is one of theirs.

         Which film features dialogue which has been mistranslated as follows:

    "Thoroughfares? Where we shall be, we are not wanting thoroughfares"?

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