Wednesday 17 September 2014

He-Foyer? Ta!

The pavement is cracked.

It is also wet, last night a light rain fell and the day’s sun has not yet had the chance to lift it.

Weeds grow from the cracks, happy and green.

A train trundles past on the level crossing where a tractor and a car wait and watch.

A bird, disturbed by the passing, squawks and leaves the tree where it had been sleeping.

The shop stands alone on the corner opposite the level crossing, under the tree and at the end of this cracked pavement.

It sells bread.

It sells wine too.

Later it will sell pizza, but it is too early now.

Two days ago at this time a man was serving.

He didn’t know how to make the coffee and it tasted like last nights rain scooped from the weeds on the pavement.

Today a woman is serving.

She does it right.

This is worth remembering.

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