Friday 12 September 2014

A Yo-Hefter.

Hey, it turns out that my new computer - this one- has a voice activated dictation thingy.

Speak and it will write.


So i thought i should give it a try.

Hello, my name is Topper and i'm trying it and that's the end.

Something like that.

Here goes....

Hello my name is Bob and I’m trying it and baby are finished

Hello my name ease tell Pat I’m trying it out and that you got it’s finished

Hello my name is Torppa and I’m trying it out and that it is finished

Hi my name is Thompson I’m trying out I didn’t finished

Hey I love my day is talk and I am trying it out and dad each finish

I shuffled ease eaten potent  (my name is Saffron)

Well that was a very interesting experiment

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