Monday, 9 June 2014

Bob's Boxes 9 - a special feature of the year.

NOT a bitsnbobs original, probably the G.........

To be honest we - the Bitsnbob's bits - have no idea how this ended up in the Boxes.

You'll have to ask Bob.

I drove past Father Christmas tonight, it’s not the first time that this has happened but it was the first time that I’ve seen him behind the wheel of a green Renault 4.

He looked concerned.

Maybe it was because the temperature was reaching 30 degrees Celsius, which I imagine for him is difficult being as he comes from the frozen north, but maybe it was because navigating the roundabout outside the supermarket involves a particularly challenging set of decisions.

I knew it was he because of the beard and the eyes.

The beard….. Well, you know about that but his eyes - even though they were distracted by the thermometer and/or the road hazard -  had that unmistakable Father Christmas kindness and wisdom.

He was heading south and I suspect that he is intending to reach Spain this evening and then probably hole up for a couple of days swimming or floating.

I imagine he floats more than swims.

Surprisingly, my festive encounter coincided with meeting a man who confessed to being born on Christmas Day. This must be great if you are the parent but in his case he had pretty mixed feelings about it.

I think if it were I, my friends would not be told the truth about my date of birth but rather I would invent one pretty much around this time of the year to ensure at least two chances of getting a present in the year.

Maybe, this is just a maybe, that’s why Father Christmas was tootling along in his Renault 4, he too was confused by my friend’s birthday and had lost track of Christmas.

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