Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Bargain of the year.

I have just learnt that this blog, my blog, my bundle of mumblings is valued at one thousand one hundred and twenty dollars and seven cents.

I'll spell that out.


Look, it says so right here.

Cool eh?

And this is a blog, i'l remind you, that has been off air/space for two months!

Imagine what it will be worth by the time you have finished reading this post!

As you may know, i have turned away many a lucrative advertising tie-in because of high principle.

But if anyone out there wants to give me one thousand, it's yours.

A bargain!


Mary said...

Still alive and kicking !!!

... and you have been busy.

Doesn't look like you missed even one day of posts. Shows discipline, purpose and dedication.

Am looking forward to taking some time this weekend to catch up.

$1,000 would be a steal for BnB. Personally, I think it's priceless.


popps said...

or insanity!
Now come on, send the cheque.

Mary said...

It's in the mail --

snail mail. Could take awhile.