Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Only chance of the year?

I want to get this down whilst it’s still fresh.

She looks beautiful.

It’s even time, they are sitting at a café, outside next to the fountain where water dances across three angels.

Her hair has been newly cut, he is wearing his favourite shirt – the one he hopes highlights his eyes; otherwise he is a mess.

She is wearing a white top - it could be summer - and black trousers that are new.

Simple – but like I said she is beautiful so there is nothing to distract from her.

She is talking, animatedly; she is a little drunk.

He listens.

He is too.

Suddenly everything is perfect, so he stands to avoid the table and leans over and kisses her.

He tries to express summer’s eve, mystery and passion in his clumsy kiss.

She keeps talking.

Her eyes are open.

His were shut.

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