Tuesday 29 April 2014

Hopefully not a premonition of the year.

The beach is crowded, some people on the sand, others in the sea.

I think it’s summer.

My cat is there, walking across the sand – the cat is grey and white, the sand is, er, sandy.

She walks into the sea – this is not her usual behaviour, and starts to swim across the bay.

The people swimming pay no heed, only I am watching.

I go to tell the others and then I watch her swim to the small beach on the other side of the bay.

She walks onto the beach, doesn’t shake her fur and then rises up into the sky like a bird.

There are two angels beside her, not much bigger than her, and for a moment they hang, turning slowly.

Then one of the angels reaches over the cat’s head, gestures as if cutting an invisible thread and the cat falls like a stone onto the beach and rocks below.

I hear the thud but it doesn’t wake me.

Later we cross over to the other side and there she is.

No longer alive.

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