Saturday 26 April 2014

Frank speaking of the year.

me again

Yeah, but was he a good man?

What! What do you mean?

Well, was he? Did he do anything to justify your apparent hero worship?

You’re just an arrogant prick, you know that don’t you.

Look, I’m just asking what did do?

How can you even ask that?

Ok, what is other than a big fat man stuck up there on his monolithic pedestal, looking down on us with all the arrogance you accuse me of, and smugly observing a nation ripped apart by race hatred and obscenely divided by wealth or the complete absence of hope surrounding it?

That’s Lincoln you idiot! And he's skinny!

Ok, so what else did he achieve apart from inventing the kite?

The kite?

Yeah the kite, or was it lightning?

You’re a total ignorant!

Is that a noun?

Shut up and keep walking.

(We are on a beach, it shelves steeply to the water and at the back of the beach is the luxury hotel where we are heading).

Please, educate me, I don’t know a thing about the man, I’m English he never crops up.

Are you serious?

I’m serious.

He was THE man.

(at this point, more or less I wake up. More or less. I got to paddle in the water before entering the hotel, and then I got taken to one side because my room was in the west wing and apparently it had a spa included though I never got to see it. To answer the questions I had to go down to the kitchen and switch on the computer).

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