Monday, 24 March 2014

The Edited twenty third archival element of the year.

Archival remnant no 23. catalogue no 754u (some archival remnants are unfinished)

Wow! She can drink like a fish! And she is!
They started in her apartment, and he's drunk already.
He is trying to keep up with her in this restaurant, but he can’t even remember what he's been saying.
Did he voice out-loud how beautiful she looks?
It could have slipped out; it sprang loudly into his brain somewhere between the poppadoms and the onion bhajis.
He remembers saying something earlier about her electric cigarette, as the vapour rose around her like a halo.
She explained about the local sourcing of the fuel tablets and then pushed an open packet of cashews across the table.
That’s when he knew he was drunk.
He thought he was looking at vapour cigarette components.
Did he say out loud that they looked like cashew nuts?
Now he's staring at her; he knows that because she starts talking about the spot on her forehead.
“It came when I started doing yoga, it’s my third eye.”
He had tried not to notice, he was starting at the other two, trying to gauge their depth and colour.......

THIS has been edited since the original publication

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