Tuesday 11 March 2014

The eleventh archival element of the year.

yes, there are others

Archival Remnant no 11. catalogue no MX 749

The moon’s been hanging around all day.
I noticed it first just after lunch when I looked past the chain link fence behind the muddy ditch.
And there it was.
By the way, I eat my lunch at normal lunch eating times and not in the middle of the night so the fact that the Moon was up there whilst I was eating my sandwiches was a tad unusual.
It looked - well the three quarters or so that was visible - radiant.
A part pearl set in a sea of blue.
There is something about the light these days – as spring startles the crisp clear air of winter – that just lets me get away with saying ‘A part pearl set in a sea of blue’.
Anyway it was still hanging around later when I walked down the city street to the river.
The moon was hanging out right over the church spire.
I didn’t notice it down by the river; I got distracted taking photos of peoples shadows.
Then I forgot and went to the cinema.
Late showing, it started at 10pm.
I’m hanging around too; I’m waiting for tomorrow.
I came out of the cinema at just-before pumpkin time (midnight).
I’m thinking of Cinderella here.
Who hung around for her shoe.
Or was it her Prince?
Anyway – the moon was still there.
The sky had given up and gone home so the part pearl was alone in a black night.
I walked the streets, the moon bobbed above.
“Hey”, I called, “you’ve been hanging around all day”.
But answer came there none.

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