Saturday, 22 March 2014

An explanation of the March archival elements of the year.

Bitsnbobs (this blog) got an e-mail.

And although it said, “have been enjoying BnB and its many textures”, it went on to point out that it was “difficult to make out exactly what is going on.”


And I thought it was all so, so clear.

The blog likes to mix things up – it is seen here in the editorial office as both a world and a performance piece.

That could be the many textures, or then gain the scratchy head bit.

The blog wrongly assumes that any reader has dug around and found some of the layers.

And - that the casual reader is an expert reader between the lines.

This month, partly as a promise to ‘give something up’ for lent and partly just to catch our breath, the Blog is visiting the extensive archives housed on beautiful boat moored in a secluded cove of a very-difficult-to-find island under the guardianship of a beautiful woman – Mary P – who has one of the sexiest tattoos anyone has been lucky to see.

Everyday the editorial-staff pitch ideas for the day’s posting, bits and bobs which they have been writing all night on dusty and scratchy typewriters. There is coffee and wine, banter and banter back and then the editor makes his choice and the rest of the stuff is stuffed into a cardboard box. The writers say goodbye and go back to their dusty and scratchy typewriters.

Rumours say that they never sleep.

The writing sometimes looks like it.

Mary P has been cataloguing the stuff, and we are publishing it.

The cataloguing system does offer further insight, even though there was a mistake that slipped into print - which has subsequently been corrected.

MX – Mary Wishes. These are archive remnants that Mary P just happens to like.
CD – Cupboards and Drawers. This is stuff Mary P has found stuffed into the corners of cupboards and drawers at the Bitsnbob’s Headquarters.
DCD – Deep Cupboards and Drawers.
AMX – Appendix to Mary’s Wishes
DDP- Deep dark Places – this is the sensitive stuff.

We hope that helps.


Lesley FW said...

I am finding reading the lines between the writing quite entertaining in their own right.

popps said...

i think you've got the hang of it then!