Friday 28 February 2014

The first post, with three links in the first sentence, of the year.

in no way could this be Mary P.
If you have read this, or indeed this, and above all this then you will know who Mary P is.

If you know who Mary P is then you will know what the I.D.E. is.

And if you know that then you will know that the Bitsnbobs archives are no longer pegged to a fence in Texas but in her capable hands.

Now, this is probably a good moment to remind you that the Bitsnbobs archives are NOT the ‘previously published posts’ that you can access from the side menu just above the sea shells NOR are they the many, many posts published in 2013 that only appear if you know where to look.

No these are the REAL archives, the stuff of legend, that were pegged to the fence in Texas.

Anyway to cut a long story short, Mary P sent us two halves that don’t fit together of a map that shows an Island that only exists in someone else’s imagination and which is partly accessible by boat when the moon is full and the stars empty.

And we have accepted all that and now stand at the threshold of what looks like either the end of something never remembered or the beginning of something else always forgotten.

In the letter she sent us with the map bits she told us to wait here for a day and a night.

Or was it a night and a day?

Either way, we will do as she requested and hopefully tomorrow we will step into the newly rearranged archives, which we think are harboured on a boat.


Lesley FW said...

I think I have a similar filing system. Somewhere mine involves sunshine and procrastination.

popps said...

Sunshine and procrastination, a heady mix!