Tuesday 25 February 2014

Second certainty of the year.

not the mountains, same sky

I knew I would see the mountains this morning.

That they would be there waiting in the day’s first light, the snow on their summits red in the sun’s glow.

I knew this for certain.

And not only because you had said you didn’t want to go.

I knew it because the stars last night were so clear.

And so many.

And so, so strong.

I knew it when I saw the cat sitting outside even before the dawn had broken.

And I knew it when I heard the birds calling as I left the house.

Are you sure you don’t want to go?


Lesley FW said...

The stars in my valley were sharp, as was the hail in the day. Would love to see a mountain again.

popps said...

Thanks for dropping in,
Obviously i'm trying to convince someone to go with me here, i know where the hot springs lie.... are you free?

Lesley FW said...

Virtually ;)