Saturday 22 February 2014

Heart of the year.

another time, another place?

Someone leads with a heart, I have one, follow suit and throw mine away.

A second heart is played I trump with a low diamond.

I then lay the ace of trumps and draw out four; one person throws away a spade.

It could be Bridge.

I have a choice, king, queen, jack, ten of trumps or... this is a good hand... I play the nine and flush out all those remaining except the ones I hold.

I play the tree of clubs intending to pass the lead.

The next player plays the nine of spades and impatiently grabs the trick believing it is his, the others have not laid a card.

There is confusion and when it is finally sorted there are several cards and a cardigan on the pile.

And the pile is in a bucket of water.

If it is Bridge, this is the bridge perhaps.

The trick seems to be mine so I continue to play clubs winning two unexpected tricks until on the third one the queen of clubs appears from someone’s hand.

A mistake has occurred, someone has been inattentive.

Voices are raised, fingers begin to point.

But it is too late to go back.

So I play my diamonds instead.

And then it is done and I wake to a new day.

Ok, a dream.

Intense, once again.

What was significant here?

That heart.

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