Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Award time of the year.

a bunch of bodies in Bristol

B.A.F.T.As last night..

Oscars not far off...

But you know what.....

The Sahara

A nomad, orphan.

He saw his father executed as a rebel.

He is 6 or 7 years old

He arrives at a small Saharan settlement

And in the square someone is projecting a film onto the white wall of a house.

The film is a cowboy film and under the Saharan night he watches a group of cowboys sitting around a campfire singing.

One is playing a guitar.

It must be night time and since this is the desert the stars above him must be incredible to marvel at.

Yet the boy is not looking, he has never seen a guitar before; it is not part of his culture and he is entranced.

He sets out to find one.

He fails.

But he takes an old bicycle frame and strings it crudely with wire.

Some versions say a stick, a tin box and bicycle wire.

Maybe the brake cables.

Then he starts a journey of exploration into the traditions from which this music.

His first find is a John Lee Hooker.

In 2011 he and his band win a Grammy.

Just a story.

But true.


Anne Hodgson said...

I missed this story - who are you talking about? Another clue, please.

popps said...

Yep, i should have put a link in that shouldn't have i?
It's Ibrahim Ag Alhabib.
Here's a link to his band

Anne Hodgson said...

Thank you! I was drawn to their deep blues – and what a life they have been living, to judge from Wikipedia: serving in two armies – having to protect their guitars against the Sharia in Mali – holy smokes! - but when I started listening to what was available online and wanted to blog about them way back when, I seem to have gotten completely sidetracked by the life-affirming butterfly-soul happiness of Juldeh Camara. No focus, the girl.